Why I Love Top Coats and Why You Should Too





I’m not gonna lie, winter is not my favorite season, I think we all can agree on that.  But the one thing I do look forward to about winter time is that its “coat season” and the coat of the season for me is undoubtedly the Top Coat.  While I love parkas and puffer coats, the long top coat is my favorite to wear simply because you can style it up so many different ways.  I find that puffer coats only look good when teamed with denim or corduroys, but you can’t really dress them up…whereas the long coat can be dressed up or down, you can pair it with distressed jeans and sneakers for a super casual look or you can throw it over a tailored suit for a more dressed up look.  Out of all the different types of outerwear a guy can throw on in the winter months, few are as versatile as the topcoat.





Camel Over Black

One of my favorite winter color combos is camel thrown over all black…if you follow me on instagram @nyronphotography, you would have seen me do this often on my feed, I’m literally obsessed with the ease of this look…it looks like you’ve put in a massive effort when really all you’ve done is throw on a few layers, in black, and throw this coat over the top, done!  The juxtaposition of the camel against the black just sings and the topcoat just adds a dash of sophistication to any #ootd.  Since you’re out in the cold, running to meetings, it really doesn’t matter what your wear under the coat, because the coat is what everyone is going to see, thats my approach to buying a coat, I always look for coats that look great with outfits as well as on their own…because no one is really going see the layers underneath if it’s freezing outside.  For me, winter is all about your outerwear.

Shades of Blue

Now, if you follow me on here, you know that I’m guilty of wearing way too much blue…it’s just one of those colors that you can throw on and instantly look good…so of course I needed a topcoat in my favorite color.  Here I teamed a Navy topcoat with distressed denim and mahogany accessories…I love the idea of brown hues worn with blue and it’s a color combo that I tend to do often particularly during the colder months.  When shopping for outerwear, since you will be wearing this coat often once it turns cold remember what the rest of your wardrobe looks like. If you have a lot of navy, black, and gray, then it would make sense for your coat to either follow suit, or go against the grain in a complementary way.




As clearly evident from the Fall 2018 menswear collections, over-sized fits are having a moment but remember you’re looking for something you can wear year-in, year-out, not a trendy one-season piece so my advice is to stick with a classic fit and refrain from purchasing trendy silhouettes…ideally your coat should fit a bit slim, but still with room to layer hoodies, sweaters, turtlenecks, or a full suit underneath.

The top coat is a super versatile piece of clothing that every man should have in his winter wardrobe, it’s the one piece of outerwear that can instantly elevate your look.  In addition to the functionality of keeping you warm the top coat is effortlessly stylish.  A versatile statement piece, the business-savvy, luxurious top coat will look just as good with a hoodie and jeans as it will over of a three-piece suit.  I would love to know what your favorite coat of the winter season is…comment below and share some tips on how to be stylish when its cold outside…as always thanks for reading.  Love you guys.

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