My Favorite Tech Gadgets of 2017 (so far) | Apple MacBook Pro

Hi everyone, I’m super excited about this post because it is the first installment of a brand new series where I will be reviewing my favorite tech gadgets of the year…mostly I’m ecstatic because I get to talk about all the nerdy gizmos I love, LOL.  First up, Apple’s newly redesigned MacBook Pro and essentially the most important tool in my arsenal.  I could go on and on about the reasons I love the Macbook Pro but I will try to keep this post from dragging on, LOL.  Just a little backstory, this is not my first Macbook Pro.  I actually purchased my first MacBook Pro on April 10, 2007 (I know, it’s weird af that I remember that, but I’ve always been good at remembering dates). Back then, Tiger was the version of Mac OS installed on all Apple computers, that was 8 versions back from the current operating system, wow that seems like ages ago.  That laptop served me well for many years but then I decided that I needed a big screen desktop so I purchased a 27″ iMac in 2015.  Now 2 years later I realize how much I miss the mobility of a laptop, that coupled with the news that Apple would be doing a complete redesign of the Macbook Pro, and I was literally salivating at the mouth.


The first thing I have to say about this laptop is that it is STUNNINGLY beautiful to look at.  That’s something I’ve always appreciated about Apple products…they are equal parts performance and design.  Apple has always placed a ton of emphasis on the aesthetic of their products…of course they perform incredibly well but they are exquisitely designed too.  The hardware just feels good in your hand…the matte keypad has an almost buttery touch when you’re typing on it…the all aluminum body is so light and thin…they really think of every detail in the design of their products.


Obviously I’m not going to detail every feature of the Macbook Pro, this post would be 10 pages long if I did, LOL. So I’m going to focus on the features I think you guys really want to know about.  One of my favorite features of not only this Macbook but any Apple creation, is the seamless integration across devices. For me, that’s important because I’m always doing business on my iPhone and the convenience of being able to start a project on my iPhone, then handoff that project to my Macbook to finish up is priceless.  That continuity between my Apple Watch, iPhone 7, and this MBP is one of the main reasons I chose this computer over other manufacturers. 

Touch Bar

What sets the new Macbook Pro apart from older models is the addition of a brand new touch bar that offers text and visual cues that change depending on the application you’re running…kinda similar to the predictive text bar on your iPhone but with the ability to do much more.  Truthfully, I’m still getting used to the TouchBar, when I do use it I love it, but the problem is that I forget to use it.  Lately I’ve been trying to force myself to use it more often but it takes time to change old habits.  But I do really like the feature and it’s a great addition to the laptop.

Retina Display

The retina display on the new Macbook is paper thin and powerful boasting LED backlighting and a larger pixel count…which translates to beautifully produced colors that are richer and more vibrant.  I am in love with how my photography looks on this display, the colors literally pop off the screen.  So if you are someone that utilizes your computer for image or video manipulation I would highly suggest upgrading to a Macbook.


New louder speakers with better sound have been built into the new Macbook Pro which for me is a welcomed upgrade.  One of my biggest complaints about previous versions of the MBP is that the speaker system sucked, the max volume was very low and the bass was non-existent.  The new speakers however are twice as loud as the last Macbook and the base has been vastly improved.  Although I don’t quite understand why they designed the fake speaker grilles to the left and right of the keypad.  The speaker sound is actually pushed through the vents on the side of the machine so those grilles on the top are purely cosmetic and serve no purpose…but they do look cool.


Overall, I love my new MBP, this model retails for $2399, which let’s face it, that’s a TON of money to spend on a laptop…it’s not something I would recommend for the casual user, but if you are someone that uses a computer for image editing or video production, if you are a blogger or photographer or graphic artist, if you have other Apple products such as an iPhone or iPad and you want integration between those devices, then I highly recommend investing in a Macbook Pro.As always, thanks for reading and please comment below and let me know what tech gadgets you’re currently obsessed with.  I love learning and hearing from you guys.

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