My Signature Style and Tips on Developing Yours | Spring Edition


I’m often asked by “fashion challenged” guys, what’s the secret to my personal style?  I always find this question difficult to answer because for me, style has always been about a feeling versus a specific trend.  When I style my #OOTD, I select pieces that make me feel good, otherwise what’s the point of getting dressed up if the clothes don’t make you feel almost superhuman, I truly believe fashion has the power to do that.  So in the spirit of the upcoming spring season, here are a few tips to freshen up your wardrobe.  Now if you’re looking for spring “trends”, this is not the post for you because as I said before, true personal style is not about trends, its about having your own unique perspective on fashion.

The Trench-Coat

So lets start with my absolute favorite item to wear during the spring season…the Trench-Coat.  From high-end designers like Burberry to chain stores like H&M and TopMan, there is a huge selection of trench-coats on the market right now at every price point imaginable.  Why? Because throwing a trench-coat on over an outfit instantly takes the sophistication level up a notch.  Its also the one spring staple that you can wear over just about anything whether its distressed jeans, tailored smart trousers, or a full suit…I’ve even paired the trench with athleisure and it actually worked really well.  One of the best features of the trench-coat is that its a light-weight layer so its perfect for that unpredictable spring weather…some are even water-repellent.  So if there were one article of clothing that I suggest adding to your spring arsenal, it would undoubtedly be the Trench.


Currently, I’m OBSESSED with mixing neutral colors together and for the spring season I intend to do this often.  I love the juxtaposition of white and black combined with grey and brown…that color combination just SINGS and instantly freshens up a dull spring wardrobe.  I know a lot of style influencers that love to throw on a ton of bright colors during the spring season, but that’s just not my thing.  I prefer the refinement of wearing neutrals.

Make It Your Own

Lastly, have fun with spring fashion by adding accessories including hats, eyewear, and jewelry.  Accessories can instantly breathe new life into an old outfit so don’t be afraid to pile on bracelets, a nice watch, a cool ring, etc.  Be fearless, be unique, be authentically YOU.  For me, fashion has always been about individuality.

Wearing:  Trench Coat – Express, Jeans – Gap 1969, Sweater – Calvin Klein, Hat – Vintage, Sneakers – Converse All Stars, Tortoiseshell Frames – See Eyewear

Watch – Apple Watch

As always, thanks for reading.

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    Demetrius - I love this post! the color scheme you got going is actually phenomenal didn’t really think about it that way, but when I seeing it through your eyes I was like aww yeah that is a go lookReplyCancel

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