Westside | Chicago, Illinois

My absolute favorite season in Chicago is summertime…I just love all the neighborhood festivals, parades, music events, backyard BBQs and park fairs that occur every summer around the city of Chicago.  If you have never experienced a Chicago summer, one thing you should definitely expect is the unpredictable weather…it can be sunny one minute, raining the next and the temperatures have been known to fluctuate up to a 30 degree difference is less than 12 hours.  With that said, what do you wear is such a mercurial climate?  Thats one of the reasons I layer up when I’m out on the town in my city…the great thing about layering is you can always add something if the temperature gets too cool, or take something off if it gets too hot and humid…and a great hat is essential for keeping the sun out of your eyes and face.  As always, thanks for reading.

Wearing:  Jeans – Gap 1969, V-Neck T-Shirt – Gap, White Tank – H & M, Sneakers – Nike Air Max 90, Hat – H & M, Watch – Apple Watch, Tortoiseshell Frames – See Eyewear

All the spiritual necklaces and bracelets are family heirlooms.

Nyron in the YardNyron in the YardNyron in the Yard

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